This page is devoted to a running timeline of decisions and actions taken by the leadership of The Chapel (a foursquare church in Troutdale Oregon). What you will find on this page is a general summery of the process of reflecting and resolve to move forward in God’s assignment for the gathering of people of purpose called The Chapel

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September 2013-July 2014

August 2014-September 2014

October 2014-November 2014

December 2014- January 2015

June 2015 – April 2016

September 2013 – After walking with the congregation through some significant decisions. Pastor David recommended to the staff that we would enter into another process of prayer, reflection, refocusing and resourcing our church to be fully engaged with our assignment by 2020

October 2013 – Pastor David contacted the foursquare leadership of our area to ask if there was a suggestion that they would make concerning a tool of evaluation.

December 2013 – Both the local foursquare leadership and Pastor David began to become antiquated with the tools available. The following was investigated. NATURAL CHURCH DEVELOPMENT (used in 2010 evaluation process) CHURCH ASSESSMENT TOOL CHURCH HEALTH ASSESSMENT TOOL TRANSFORMATIONAL CHURCH ASSESSMENT TOOL MPULSE

Pastor David also contact two Ministry coaches that lived in the state and asked if they would be a resource and the details about that.

January 2014 – Pastor David recommended the staff pastor’s that we would use mPulse as a way to bring a new level of evaluation of The Chapel along with a other tools offered in another one of Alan’s books.

February thru June 2014 – Along with reading a number of Forgotten ways and other blogs and post of church evaluation … Pastor David also started introducing some of the reasons and resources given by Alan through a set of three video’s shown during leadership meetings.

June 2014 – Public announcements, web post and email’s were sent out to the Attendees of the Chapel asking them to join the 2020 team. Pastor David also surveyed the staff and core leaders asking them to suggest 15 people that would see as valuable members of the process that would be under taken by the 2020 team.

Pastor David also asked personally those from the pool that were mentioned often and invited them to be a part of the team. July 2014 – Pastor David along with other foursquare pastor’s from Oregon gathered in Portland for two days of instruction a inspiration from Alan Hirsch and the concepts he presents in the book “Forgotten ways”

August 2014 – 20 people agreed to be a part of the process. Pastor David surveyed them to find the best meeting day for all. Pastor David also set up email groups and a web site that would be used as a pooling place for on going discussion following the meetings. August 2014 Assignments where given to the team of reading, watching a couple online video’s Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/Forgotten-Ways-Alan-Hirsch-ebook/dp/B00CFKX78A/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1407950192&sr=8-1&keywords=forgotten+ways OR Forgotten Ways hand book by Alan Hirsch at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/The-Forgotten-Ways-Handbook-Developing/dp/1587432498 Video of Alan talking about the core idea that moved him to start thinking differently about how a church should operate http://vimeo.com/11320693 Video that summaries the basic concepts of forgotten ways http://vimeo.com/29698736 Ted Talk: http://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action.html

August 2014 After using a few online survey tool, we decided that our opening meeting would be best to be on a Sunday evening … we scheduled our time and date with the team and decided on the points we would cover FIRST MEETING

September 2014 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Welcome and Relationship Building > Identifying the why of our meeting together. > Defining Key Outcomes > Reviewing our current Mission statement and core values > Review Youtube video (please view it before meeting) > Assignments for September 16 of the 20 members gathered for the start our our journey. Introductions where made.

The corse was laid out. Review, re-imagine, remodel, relaunch. The leader reminded the team of the last time a review of The Chapel was done with the reasons for the review and what where the outcomes. A test was given asking the individual team members to recall and write The Chapels mission statement and as many of the nine core values they could remember.

The Group too a church profile assessment and shared their answers with the group. It was made up 13 questions … The first seven being questions related to energy vs survival, outward vs inward, spirit vs opinion, change vs resistance, community vs club, inclusive vs exclusive, focused vs frenetic. There seemed to me a wide verity on many of the points that will need to be investigated The second half of the question dealt with one word or short sentence replays There seemed to be a closer cluster of answers when the individuals reviewed their answers The group concluded the evening realizing that two meetings where going to be need to accomplish the task … The group desiderata to meet every other Sunday

SECOND MEETING September 2014 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Asked the Question … “What is God saying to us about moving forward”? > Reading 15 Scriptures about the church … asked each person to reply with one word that came to their mind during the reading of the scriptures. > Recorded each of these words (will combine and send out to group) > Reviewed and selected two questions to discuss from a sheet called “20 Questions to ask The Chapel” > Assignments for next meeting (Read Chapter 1 & 2 from Forgotten Ways” / Selected the two five priorities of being Kingdom People. / Fill out mPulse survey. 15 of our 20 folks were their.

Many folks responded with what the Lord has been talking to them about the last two weeks … many have been listening for God’s direction about the future of The Chapel. Read Scriptures …. many of them … a good half of the group came up with the same one word that came to their mind as the scriptures were read. We will be grouping the similar words together and totally them on how many times these words were thought of through the scriptures.

The question asked from the “20 questions to ask of The Chapel” was … Do the attenders of The Chapel know and are actively dispensing their spiritual gifts at The Chapel. Lively discussion followed. Finished with Assignments for next meeting.

THIRD MEETING October 2014 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Homework assignment sharing “What are the top five priorities of the Kingdom of God” > Answer the following question “Does the activities of the Chapel match the top Priorities of the Kingdom of God? > Review first two Chapters of Forgotten Ways > Assignments for next meeting (Continue Reading Chapter 1 & 2 from Forgotten Ways” / Fill out mPulse survey. 14 of our 20 folks were their pluse three quest. Great comments where being made from folks listening to God … exciting to hear the common theme’s coming from this group We asked the group to finish the following question. What are the top five priorities of the Kingdom of God.

Here are some of the Answers. Reproduction / Engaging / Making Disciples / Personal Seeking of the Kingdom / Worship / Love / Caring / Prayer / Unity / Transformation / Being Complete Next we followed that up with asking an important question … Does our current activities and life line up with these top priorities? As far as relationships, one of our team members thinks we know surface stuff but not deep stuff. Another member talked about not all of the chambers of the heart where working at 100%. Another said that these priorities are taught and known, but wondered if they where fully being acted upon in every situation by individuals. Another member mentioned that it seemed that at The Chapel, we have a loose wave … something that can be seen and is useful for many things but to many times … folks slip through the weave never to be seen again. Another member of the group shared about the need to identify and release the way each person shares the care of Christ. How we care defines what we do and who we do it with. Another shared about how compassion seems to be not a visible as it has been in the past. Another mentioned how our society seems to teach us to live more independent lives and it seems like that has walked into our church life as well. Another shared how community must be also seen differently … they shared a story about how one of our members that have moved but still views being part of the community. Another shared how discipleship must be a personal pursuit and should not be left up to The Chapel to lay out the path for me. Another shared hwo there must be a head knowledge and a heart knowledge to move people forward.

We finished the evening sharing thoughts from the book Forgotten ways, Chapters one and two. Homework: Answer the question … From your perspective, at The Chapel, who is discipling others? What do you see them doing?

FOURTH MEETING October 2014 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Homework assignment sharing “Who do you know that is a successful disciple and what do you see them doing?” > Review first two Chapters of Forgotten Ways > Assignments for next meeting (Continue Reading Chapter 1 & 2 from Forgotten Ways” / Fill out mPulse survey. 12 of our 18 folks

Great comments where being made from folks listening to God … exciting to hear the common theme’s coming from this group. The theme of the evening seemed to be simplify and slow down. We asked the group to finish the following question. Who do you know that is a successful disciple and what do you see them doing? Here is some things that God was saying to our Group this last two weeks. > There is a difference between saying we have done all that you have said and doing all that we have said. > Change is hard, but it also gives us an opportunity to give things up that we have been carrying way to long. > Slow down, give up the rush life style. > Out of the Soul Keeping Book … There is a difference between busy and Rushed. > Isaiah 25 … Trusting more … letting go and be content. Here are the elements seen in successful disciplining Sacrificing time and personal energy for the sake of another / Graciously asking some tough questions / Having a Servants Heart / Teaching by words and modeling those words / Being humble / Willing to be a learner as well / Walking beside you through good and bad / Presence / Taking time to listen with full attention / ABC Attend – Bring it up – Cultivate it / Keeping commitments / Always an Encourager / Being a continual companion / Trustworthy / Knowing to speak the language of the listener rather then the instructor.

We finished the evening talking about our sharing strategy for Forgotten Ways Book. Will implement next meeting. Homework: Look at “The Chapel Way” and identify the ones that can operate and a daily bases.

FIFTH MEETING November 2014 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Review first two mDNA elements from The Forgotten Ways > Assignments for next meeting (Continue Reading Chapter 1 & 2 from Forgotten Ways” / Fill out mPulse survey. 11 of our 18 folks

Again, we started our time with the question … What has God been speaking to you over the last few weeks? Here are a few of the responses. Being challenged to be more Authentic / Life is still about relationships and will always be about relationships. / When we are still, we can hear God. / To move toward boldness … not to be part of the solution makes us part of the problem.

Because we hadn’t had a chance to talk about the book “Forgotten Ways” we made it the main feature of the night. First question was to explain the concept of “Jesus as Lord” in your own words. Here are some of the answers.

The Fact that Jesus is lord should hold us accountable not only to him but to others as well. / Giving the world back to God is part of the Jesus being Lord / If we are not white hot for him, then there is a strong possibility that Jesus is not Lord. / Having Jesus as lord should lead us to believe that what He offers us has to be better then what the world has to offer.

The follow up question was … “What are the things necessary to believe this statement to be true”? Experience – Walking out our faith long enough in order to build up a number of wins to believe. / Be full aware of our time and dedicating more and more of our time to Jesus being Lord of our life. / Understanding and participating in the concept of abiding in God’s company. / Taking a close look at what is the common distractions in our life and making a plan to reduce them for the activity. / Jesus is a 24/365 lifestyle lived on before all people. The next area we talked about is the area of discipleship … again, from the Forgotten Ways … who would you define discipleship as explained by Alan? It seems that the life of a disciple should be more of a norm rather then a check list. / Discipleship can not be soli in the academic world, it has to live more the in the real world, day by day. / The culture of discipleship must encountered through out the day, in all relationships, at all times. / Discipleship when done right will spread much like a viruses, it will be passed from one to another in rapid fashion. The follow up question we asked was .. “What is getting in the way of being a disciple”? Time. / Settling for the passive lifestyle. / Excuses or putting off the actions of a disciple. / The intimation factor of not knowing a lot of the teachings of Jesus or the feeling of being able to communicate them correctly. / The price of a disciple is to much to pay.

Homework: Continue to read “Forgotten Ways” looking at the next three concepts presented by Alan.

SIXTH MEETING November 2014 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Review the next three elements of the mDNA from The Forgotten Ways > Assignments for next meeting (Continue Reading Chapter 1 & 2 from Forgotten Ways” / Fill out mPulse survey. 11 of our 18 folks

Again, we started our time with the question … What has God been speaking to you over the last few weeks? Here are a few of the responses. Being present / Becoming more aware of who I’m suppose to minister / Slow down / Because we hadn’t had a chance to talk about the book “Forgotten Ways” we made it the main feature of the night. First question was to explain the concept of “Missionary-Incarnational Impulse” in your own words. Here are some of the answers. Less of me, more of Him / Fear often stops us from thinking about us bringing what we love and know to those who need to hear it / We often design what a church looks like and mold a mission around it … it should be the other way around

Second question was to explain the concept of “Apostolic Environment” in your own words. Here are some of the answers. Each and everyone is designed to be a contributor to the mission of the group / Our mindset should be on the success of others / Titles or tags shouldn’t be the priority but rather the team of minsters working out of their strengths

Third question was to explain the concept of “Organic Systems” in your own words. Here are some of the answers. We should work for a permission giving environment / Having concrete structures limits the ability to deal with issues in the margins / Those that can not reproduce themselves only lives for a short period of time … it wouldn’t be called an eternal reality Homework: Continue to read “Forgotten Ways” looking at the next last concepts presented by Alan.

SEVENTH MEETING December 2014 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Review the last elements of the mDNA from The Forgotten Ways > Review the findings for the Survey > Assignments for next meeting Read 13 of our 18 folks We did not have a scribe with us for notes, so our report will be short. Because we hadn’t had a chance to talk about the book “Forgotten Ways” we made it the main feature of the night.

We spent time talking through the last element of the mDNA as presented by Alan … Communitas … not Community. We spent time reflecting on what were some historical evidence of this attribute that we have walked through in the past. We all landed on the remodeling and move into our new 24/7 place in the mall. We also reported on the findings of the survey which reported that our strenght was “Jesus is Lord” element with “Organic Systems” being our growth area. Homework: Review our current core values and to be ready to talk about them next time.

EIGHTH MEETING December 2014

What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Review the growth area of the mDNA > Begin to define which core values are fully functioning at The Chapel > Assignments for next meeting Meeting 11 of our 18 folks What has the Lord been saying to us of late? Being Informed through reading about the power of transformation. / John 14:21, God is not looking for performance based on a set of rules … he wants us to get to know Him. / Do I really know what it means to pray the prayer of faith. / I’m never going to be good enough to get God to love me … it’s all about Grace. / How can we be missionaries here in our neighborhoods. / I have been blessed with a calmness. / As we talked about the area’s that we need to grow in according to the mDNA … here are some of the statements that came out of what It means and what it will take to grow organic systems. We need to find more places where groups or pairs of people can work on projects together. There are plenty of times and different sizes of projects that can be tackled by The Chapel. We need to stretch out in trust, mission, and common groups that gather around shared life experiences. There needs to be a since of openness and realness to work along side of someone else on mission. Homework: Review our current core values and to be ready to talk about them next time. In other Words, What are the most important values that The Chapel must hang on too.

NINTH MEETING January 2015 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Review of the overall process so far > Re-imagining phase stared by asking the question “What is our hope for those who come to The Chapel > Assignments for next meeting Meeting 12 of our 18 folks

After a time of sharing what we felt the Lord was speaking to individuals … we did a quick check on how we felt the process was going. Some of the responses were. Still heading toward what does God want us to be? Most important part of the process was by-in and create ownership in the future not only for the team, but also for the church. / Discussed the Forgotten Ways and the take aways from the book.

Many felt the books language was not the language (words selected) that matched the average joe in East County / Evan and Tom will work together prior to next meeting to summarize chapters with East County words and symbols that could represent each / Consider reading Dan Steigerwald’s book, Growing Local Missionaries: Equipping Churches to Sow Shalom in Their Own Cultural Backyard / Pastor David restated his heart as it applies to Go and Be, Come and See! Everyone is a missionary / Allow the Word and His Spirit to be incarnational through out one’s life/work, taking the opportunity to be a missionary on the spot, just-in-time missionaries. / Discussed the difference between a long term discipleship and a short term missionary.

The rest of the time we spent answer this question “What do we hope for the people that attend the Chapel” 1. God has great expectations of us all and we are passionate about Him. 2. Be the same person in all areas of our lives, be authentic 3. Truly surrendering to Christ and growing in His love 4. Foster the seeker, meeting their needs 5. Experiencing deep relationships within the body 6. See others’ lives through their lens 7. Empower and encourage the seeker letting them thrive 8. Challenge to be authentic 9. Find the love of Christ 10. Cross pollinate, teaching and learning from each other 11. Experiencing deep and rich encounters with God 12. That we would all be aware of our personal gifts 13. Loving and open arms 14. Healing and pray as we gather together organically

TENTH MEETING January 2015 What we hope to accomplish at this meeting are the following. > Prayer Time > Sharing with the Group what the Lord has been saying to them over the last two weeks > Continue with the Re-imagining phase stared by asking the question “What is our hope for those who come to The Chapel > Assignments for next meeting Meeting Our guest for the evening had to cancel at the last moment but will make an attempt to have them come back.

Tom & Evan reported on their draft of defining the six elements of Missional Movements. Evan’s work … We continued our imagining stage by asking the question again … What do we hope that those who make The Chapel their home.

Along with the 14 from the first week … here are some more. 1. People of all age levels and spiritual maturity would continue to grow and move forward 2. People that actively feeding themselves spiritually 3. People that are actively engaging in the community beyond boundaries of our body 4. People who see a profound sense of mission in our own lives 5. People who will seek the Holy Spirit 6. People who would allow the Holy Spirit to lead them 7. People would know that The Chapel might not have all of the answers but that they are a group that loves God 8. People who would have many opportunity to engage with each other 9. People would have many a friendship connection 10. People would experience Security, Love and Compassion 11. People would be fully authentic in all area’s of their life. 12. People would develop and experience deep relationship’s at The Chapel. 13. People would experience deep and rich encounters with God. 14. People would spend time with intimate friendships to work on the stuff we all have. 15. People fulling knowing who they are in Christ and share it with the others. 16. People engaging in Authentic Relationships 24/7. 17. People who are genuinely care for each others. 18. People who serve inside and outside of the Chapel. 19. People who focus first on the growth of the Kingdom. 20. People who are open, warm, welcoming to those who enter. Homey, comforting. Inviting friends, and family. Even those they have been disciplining or praying for. An environment of love. Also, activities and events to serve the community, which members can be a part of and use/find their gifts. 21. People who are contact with God to be getting direction, teaching, encouraging, healing. Also fully worshiping and loving on God because real relationship is two-way. 22. People who are involve themselves in studies, classes, groups, as well as individual discovering of the bible. 23. People who are encouraging personal growth through community that will foster a hunger for individual movement. Using a number of different styles and subjects to attract various personalities and learning styles, as well as spiritual maturity level. 24. People who choose the teachings that are rooted in scripture that may cause a little squirming. God moves in the uncomfortable and stretching. 25. People who worship, with humility, modeling sacrificing self for God to be worshiped and the people to feel the presence of a Holy God. 26, People who of the gift of leadership would lead by example, serving the people, modeling Christ. Who inspire and encourage others to come along side of them to then turn over duties to share the passion, vision and work. 27. People who seeks to live and understand life through the Bible and what it says to us about who we are, and who God is, and how to relate to the world around us. 28. People who dedicated their personal relationship with the Lord and live in the hope of continued change in their lives as they learn to live for Christ every day. 29. People that are passionate about following the example of Jesus by living a life of service to those around them, in family, in church, in our community, and beyond. 30. People that are dedicated to building humble and authentic relationships among ourselves in which we build one another up, encourage one another, and challenge one another. 31. People that are welcoming to people of every life situation and readily receives them into relationship. 32. People that choose to allow a relationship with Jesus to permeate every area of our life, and are not satisfied to live only among ourselves, rather is driven to live out the gospel outside of our walls. 33. People will consider others worth the time and effort 34. People will look and respond to any opportunity to share their faith story with others 35. People will be ready to help individuals start their Journey with Jesus (First act of Saving faith)

After hearing the hopes of each member of the group … we spent a little time hearing the personal dreams and passions of each person. The assignment was to keep praying and listening for other Hopes that could be.

ELEVENTH MEETING February 2015 Started with the question … What God has placed on our hearts Response se in one word replies Patience Go Deeper Relax Be satisfied Take time to give thanks Endurance Reviewed Evan and Tom’s summarization work on the six chapters – The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch Listed below are the chapters, a few descriptive works from Even/Tom and PD’s version. Alan / Even & Tom / David 1. Jesus is Lord​​​ / Jesus is Lord​​​​ / Heart 2. Disciple making​​​ / Welcoming others, welcoming God​​ / Fellow Travelers 3. Missional – Incarnational Impulse​ / Intentionally planting ourselves​​​ / Intentional Living​ 4. Apostolic Environment / ​​Function in ones gifting​​​ / All In 5. Organic Systems​​​ / Beautifully, instinctive, reactive​​​ / Simple, specific 6. Communitas, not community​​ / Rallying around the wounds / ​​​Lifting together

They will meet again prior to the next meeting slated for the 22nd of February to continue summarizing and thinking about a symbol for each.

David had the group break in two giving each one a set of approximately 50 separate hopes. The task was to group them if possible not going over six categories. Both groups returned with similar groupings, slightly different titles and reviewed it with our mission statement for gaps. The group will continue this at the next meeting and asked to continue thinking about it until then. Titles from the groups of dreams Keeping it Real Transparent Relationships Growing together Life with God Gathering Living life on purpose Invite Invitation

TWELFTH MEETING February 2015 Sharing What God has placed on our hearts Communication is so important Stay with Him and trust as He always has something waiting for you that is good Be open to God’s leading and do not resist Listen to God Start building It isn’t about self and He wills the future.

We Heard from Evan and Tom re:summarization work on the six chapters – The Forgotten Ways by Alan Hirsch. They will continue to meet and summarize. PD clarified that the web page has a new look and one can still scroll over the symbols on the top left to open Reviewed with a robust conversation following, the groupings of the 50 hopes and PD’s prework – First Stake in the ground There was agreement on these groupings: Keeping it Real Transparent Relationships Growing Together Life with God Gathering Living Life on Purpose Invite and Invitation PD’s three word groupings describing the above: Become, belong, bridge Care, community, connect Encounter, engage, experience Gathering, going, growing Learn, live, love Real, relate, respond Together, transform, truth As we started talking about the need to bring a new type of language to The Chapel.

After some suggestion language from Pastor David … the end result was that every member of the team would bring a suggestions of a simple: 1. Our simple Path 2. Our simple Hope 3. Our simple Mission It was agreed that each member would bring a sample of what the heart of The Chapel would be using these three groupings of descriptor to our next meeting.

THIRTEENTH MEETING March 2015 Several folks shared where their Journey is presently at We reviewed the groupings of hopes with the following titles Keeping it Real Transparent Relationships Growing Together Life with God Gathering Living Life on Purpose Invite and Invitation We reviewed the assignment. That being everyone contributing a phrase or two that represented the following. 1. Our simple Path 2. Our simple Hope 3. Our simple Mission Using several posterboards with each of the statements on them …. the question is was asked … what comes to you mind when you see the totality of answers represented in the Path / Hope / Mission …. one of the members created a of three circles with arrows moving up in and out (words expressed by another) most in the room agreed that these three words may be a foundation in which we could start a new language with.

The assignment at the end of the night was for each to created a sentence that represented each of the three word.

FOURTEENTH MEETING March 2015 We started out with the question … What has the lord been saying to you: Several of the responses: A message of rest, let Him fight the battle.A call to unity, get closer as a body, listening to The Lord, on track with the message. Seeing unity for a positive reason, be open and expect the unexpected. Being intentional. Grace capacity, more need of grace. Get ready for change (for the church)

Additional conversation that came from our sharing time. We represent god to people and people to god, We are talking about a concept of constant movement and flow. A dream about the chapel bringing water and life to a dessert place/dried grass turning green again Isaiah 44:3-4 Reporting on the Assignment from last week. Express you definition of the words UP / IN / OUT … Up:elevating the presence of Jesus in every place with every person In: intertwining our lives with fellow travelers Out:taking Jesus to the neighborhood (Beyond or go) The concept of up, in,out resonates and seems balanced, re defines that all three components are explicitly mentioned. Up: god is our source for truth love identity and growth In: authentic relationships with echo their encouraging praying loving and giving Out: seeking those outside to share the gospel Group Project … Question … with our expressed hopes for The Chapel … which word would you line them up with. Keeping it Real – IN Growing Together – IN Gathering – IN AND OUT Living Life on Purpose – UP IN OUT Showing – OUT AND IN Serving – IN AND OUT Inviting – OUT Life with God – IN Transparent Relationships – IN Sharing – IN AND OUT Discipleship – IN OUT UP What phrase comes to your mind when you couple these words together? – I am discovering my life with god with my church family and those outside the church that are also my Family – word journey –  what we are doing to move up, what we are doing to move in, what we are doing to move out – up reach, in reach, out reach – reaching up, reaching in, and reaching out – live up, live out, live in – living up, living out, living in – reaching up, living  out, drawing in

It was a group feeling that a modifier would have to be added to the three words to make a little more since … the following modifier was talked about Reaching up, being with, living out Reaching up, growing in, living out Reaching up, growing with, living out Reaching up, growing together, living out A Draft phrase was raced REACHING UP, GROWING WITH, LIVING OUT Homework: sentence for describing each section, verse for each one Because of Easter … we will be extending our next meeting to the Sunday after Easter.

FIFTEENTH MEETING (April 2015) God has been talking about……. Responsibility of parents and the church as a village raising our youth. About the importance of community and being connected, these things are present when we are healthy, and how multiple honest conversations throughout the week are valuable. Stewardship of time and resources. Downtime, refreshing and streams of life, it has to be more than taking time off but being purposeful in doing things that refresh my spirit. Balance, is refreshing, it is not good to be constantly be swinging between overly-spiritulizing things and neglecting the physical and reverse. Being in gods presence is refreshing, how do we get to a place where we are able to release and spend time with him, how do each of us reach this place. For me specifically it is music, to be filled with Gods glory! This allows you to fulfill Gods purpose for that day. Slow down, and listen to how God is directing you and speaking to you.

Our Guest tonight was Paul Condie from Frontiers. As a church planter and cultureal expert, it was a joy to have him listen / ask questions of us and review what we have been discovery up to this point. Meeting: conversation with Paul and team … Following is some things we captured from his comments to us. Paul:relating to Muslims similar to relating to non-Christian people in Troutdale, clear apprehension about things that are Christian and churchy, 100 people in a mall had a majority negative response, 80% have a positive thought about Jesus.

The trick is to not talk about church, people can be excited about Jesus but not so stocked about church. In Muslim country we don’t ever ask people to become Christian or attend church. This word ekklesia is the same definition, people who get together or who are called out. (The same word is used traditionally to describe any group of people who are meeting) about 90% of pastors he has talked to in the US are shrinking. Only some larger churches are growing in his experience.

Frontier mission organization is just talking about movements now not church planting. Church planting is too small of a goal, we now ask ourselves what it will take to reach a region or city. If our vision is to actually transform Troutdale then what is that going to take, probably more than just grow the chapel but it’s a force that will be used. It really comes down to reproduction, reproduction is at every level, how are you re-producing yourself, go join the community don’t try to get people to join us. A huge happening church is not going to reach a community by just bringing more people in. Some of the following comments were related to his work in Muslim Contries You have to know the language and the culture(make sure you know the actual non-Christian culture)

Then 6 months of prayer and planning tons of prayer The find the access points where do you find non believers Then be spiritual The goal is to finding people of peace … people who are open and willing to take that message back to their community. In some countries .. that means you might have to have 500 to 1000 spiritual conversations before you find a Person of peace (someone who shows interest in your overt spirituality Next … you would ask them if they would like to study the holy books? The biggest hurdle is asking “who would you like to do that with” If he says yes the the person of peace starts studying and grows the group and discovers together with them. This eliminates the I know you don’t mentality of being people to the faith,

The goal is not to lead the group of non-believers but to meet with the leader of the group What are you going to do in reflection of this study and follow through “did you do it?” What are you thankful for? What are your needs? Where are needs of people around you? Study what verses, what does it mean, how am I going to obey this Who am I going to share this with this week It starts with being conspicuously spiritual … and the rest is up to the Holy Spirit to work and guide.

SIXTHTENTH MEETING (April 2015) What has God been speaking to you about? Be willing to drink the cup at god gives us as Jesus drank his even if it is a bitter cup. Be willing to drink the cup at god gives us as Jesus drank his even if it is a bitter cup. God really does want relationship with us, he is not an academic pursuit but a person to pursue relationship with. We should be conversational (two way conversation) in our prayer life, We need to know god not just know a lot about him What would it look like if we had a better understanding of gods love, what does our choice to do things our way say about our understanding of gods love. We should be thankful for people in our life, we should take the chance to be thankful for the people around us and slow down to remember that. I have been poked to continue to move forward, it is easy to take some time to relax and not continue to press in.

We need to keep motivated and moving forward. It was a good thing to have space for the spirit to move and make sure to leave room for him. Time to sit and soak and write thoughts down is appositive thing, allows for individual response and listening to happen. We should expect to hear from god not just at special events but in our homes and in our home churches.

Fear holds us back from our dreams and calling, Reflection We need to believe that we are going to understand and follow what we are reading in the bible, that if we believe we will obey More intentional relationships with fellow believers We need to adapt to going out 100 different ways to 100 different people.

We need to peak interest on different levels. Having a full time job is not an excuse to not be missonal in our relationship with god and others. The revival as a result is out of control, truly spirit lead and discovering together. You have to be desperate enough to really start praying. Praying the scriptures is imperative as well There has to be a common cause of a prayer group

Decisions: Word smith workgroup Sunday 5/3 at 6:30 at rices Next full meeting 5/17 rices Talk about practices vs values. Challenge people to have actual practices that they carry out.

SEVENTEENTH MEETING (May 2015) The Sub team presenting their definitions to the priority of UPWITHOUT LIFE OUR DEVOTION Walking with God I UP – Living a life of Devotion to God who brings Personal Transformation OUR DIRECTION Walking with One AnotherGrowing Together as a Family of Believers through Authentic Relationships OUR DESTINY Walking with our NeighborsSharing Christ through Acts of Love Mercy & Grace We believe that these statements represent a full church life and what the chapel is about

Questions from each of these statements that we have made (three arenas) What has God done in your life this week/what is God speaking to you about Who are you sharing Christ with How is your walk? ……. Who did you get together with How have these elements changed you (God, one another, neighbors) How ARE you doing Tell me something you wouldn’t want me to know Tell me something about you that I might not know How does your neighbor define love mercy and grace Who did you show interest in this week What have you been doing to draw closer to God this week Tell me one conversation you had to encourage a fellow believer or non believer this week How are you different today than you were last week What is the means that God most uses to speak to you What new way did you hear from god this week Are you listening to gods direction What ways are you being challenged to grow Are you recognizing gods voice Who were you authentic with this week Are you recognizing/validating Christ’s presence In The company of others Have you reduced the shoulda/coulda’s been reduced in your life? Have you been through all three steps this week Ask each other these questions (relationship) How did love mercy and grace show up last week How many times did you find yourself praying Have you been intimate with God recently When was the last time you prayed fervently Who did you show grace/mercy/love to today

Practices: Connecting with God daily Purposeful conversation with fellow believer every week Hold accountability with fellow believers Pursue moments for personal transformation Being committed to intentionally participating in faith family gatherings Practices mindset of putting others first Sharing multiple meals with multiple people Creating a habit of praying Finding intimate moments with God Seeking to have a great-full heart Investing spiritually in those around you Extending grace ( from the me to the thee ) Loving on the edges (further distanced from you) Remove the plank Get rid of the naughty list/black book Create spaces for others to be authentic with you Carving time out for others Wear a smile Be available/approachable Show interest in people’s lives Strive to be Christ like Be forgiving Allow others to show you love/mercy/grace Put yourself in places to listen to God Blessingx3 small or big inside and outside plus an extra Eat three times a week inside outside and combined Listening one hour per week Learning constantly read and re read the gospels plus an additional gospel Sent every one experience as sent into all areas of society where did I resist Jesus and where did I work with him


As usual, we started our time off with the team sharing what God has been saying to them over the last several weeks … we truly enjoyed what the Lord has been challenging our team members with.

We followed that will a review of the last few meetings since some of the team members had been absent.

The product produced from a lot of hard work from many of the team was a new description of the culture and pathway we are hoping everyone at The Chapel will embrace.

That being Lives that are Fully Engaged with the UP IN OUT living.

First of all found in our devotion to Walking with God [UP] – Living a life of Devotion to God who brings Personal Transformation

Secondly it is found in our distinction of Walking with One Another [IN] – Growing Together as a Family of Believers through Authentic Relationships

Lastly our destiny in our Walking with our Neighbors [OUT] – Sharing Christ through Acts of Love Mercy & Grace

Next … we introduced a discussion of what does the up in out life look like. What are the practice of people that walk this way.

After spending a hour of suggesting a number of practices we grouped these practices with each the up in out life.

With the UP LIFE filled with WALKING WITH GOD … we listed the following descriptions

Making it a priority of Connecting with God in tangible ways
Engaging with God’s written word.
Having a on going conversation with God that includes both Listening and Speaking
Pursuing his Design for my life with every decision I make.

Next with the IN Life seen with the Walking with One Another, we choose the following examples that support this expression.

Creating space for shared vulnerability
Committing to the participation in faith family gatherings of all types
Pursuing a Partnership with another person of faith for maximum spiritual growth
Choosing to include the necessity for Grace filled Accountability
Responding to the needs of the community of faith so that all may be honored

Lastly we looked at the mindset need for the Walking with our neighbors

Showing genuine interest for the people that God has places us around.
Actively reaching out to the edges, marginalized, and least of these in our community.
Being a faithful compassionate present.
Giving preference to being a person who is conspicuity spiritual.

With time running out for the night, we charged everyone to read over each of these practices several times over the next two weeks and be ready to present alterations or additions if needed at our next meeting.

We also charged each person to come up with several questions that would open up the opportunity to respond and hold each other accountable with these practices


As usual, we started our time off with the team sharing what God has been saying to them over the last several weeks … we truly enjoyed what the Lord has been challenging our team members with.

With regard to fine tunning our core practices … we decided to create a Subgroup to create a final document to submit to the group before the July 6th presentation to the Survant leader team. Team members will be Kathy, Evan, David.

We took a moment to breath in and look at what we had accomplished so far as it pertains to the Chapel paradigms moving us forward into our future.

Thoughts on walking out the UP IN OUT Life

– Application wording verses value wording
–  Really likes it
–  Likes the balance
–  Gives us some specific assessment tool
–  Seems to flow naturally out of what we have been doing and what we want to do in the future.
–  THOUGHT: Should we do a sampling and show people outside the group does this make sense to you
–  I put my stamp of approval on it.
–  The fruits that come out of up will be in and out, the up is key it is the foundation
–  I like it
– Very strong foundations: up, in and out

So, what are the next steps that we should take … in other words, what group should hear our findings first.

It was decided that the first group that should hear this would be our Servant leader Team.

Planning Iteams

Special event (bbq Darren and Marissa and Kathy) to present the new relaunch
Video ??
Pre-send it out maybe email
Michelle will personally invite each leader
Becky has the list of leaders and next leaders
David will send out 5 parts of the presentation and we can sign up for what part we want
DATE: July 6th 5:30 dinner 6:00 meeting end by 7:30

In preparation for the meeting, we discussed some possible question that might arise and our response to them.

Why did you guys need change?
How will this change the chapel?
How does this affect me, my ministry etc?
Are we not doing a good job?
How does this compare to before?
Where are these ideas going next?
How do we implement?
How are you personally implementing the up, in and out? (Look at the common practices)
Does that mean every ministry have to display up, in and out?

It was also suggested that we could have a feed back form for all to fill out. Michelle’s idea will put one together for us before our July 6th event
If needed, our team will meet just before the July 6th meeting … (July 5th 6:30 Sunday next meeting, prep for the presentation)
We also decided that we will need to have a Debriefing meeting (need to schedule it) we need to also decide how we are going to spread and infect the church with this mission statement

Next meeting will be July 12th we can make some main decisions about how we need to do next


We reviled our remodeled properties to our expanded group of leaders at The Chapel … listen to a audio by clicking HERE



After reviewing the responses and table talk at our Leadership forum, it decided by the group that the work completed by the 2020 group was significant and statistic for our church. It was also felt by the group that continuing on would be important but offering others to join in and others to take a break would also be beneficial. With that in mind, it was decided that two things would happen. First, the group would take a break from meeting and working on projects until mid September. During that time, Pastor David would outline a group of teachings around the priorities of the Up IN and OUT. Pastor David would also outline what Phase two of the 2020 team would look like and pitch it to the a group made up of the current 2020 team members and others who may want to jump on board.


After sending out many invitations, a gathering happen in the home of Pastor David with 18 other members of the 2020 team and guest. Pastor Shared a little from his heart about what the priorities of this next phase would be and answered questions. At the conclusion of the evening, Pastor David asked that each person would contact him to let him know if they would be on the team or not as the 2020 Team entered into phase two of the process.


A group of 12 individuals gathered for phase two of projects for the 2020 team. Four of the original team members excused themselves form phase two and we added two new folks. We reviewed the pulse of the congregation to the group of teachings unfolding the new description and explanation of the UP IN and OUT for The Chapel. For the most port, we felt that those who had a chance to hear the majority of teachings understood well the new culture and dynamics that our church would be pursuing. We also decided that our first project would be to look at our present activities to see if there make up could support one of the three relational priorities. Pastor David would get a list of current functions of the church along with some others that were in the works for the near future. The team’s assignment was to identify the Major and the Minor Relationship that was represented in the event as currently formed.


After sharing about our spiritual journeys, we began to talk about our the churches current and future leaders. It was realized pretty quickly if the work of the 2020 team was going to have any legs for future transformation, then the wider group of Chapel leaders would have to full understand and engage in the new norms for The Chapel. It was also determined that the best way to accomplish this was to look at some gathering of leaders in the early part of 2016. It was also requested of the group to be able to see all present leads and their relationship relationships. Pastor David was assigned for that purpose.


After sharing about our spiritual journeys, the group was introduced to a new team member, Tammie Wilhelm our new Family Pastor of the Chapel. Tammie shared about her journey before and toward The Chapel and asked the team many questions about what had taken place so far. We had a chance to review the leadership list of present leaders and discussed what was the definition of a leader at The Chapel. We also continued to talk about the best place to talk to present leaders about what it would take to engage with our new Aims.


After sharing about our spiritual journey, Pastor David outline the meeting by asking the purpose and priority of common phrases for The Chapel. A number were thrown out but it was also understood that no matter how hard you tried, some would stick and others would not. Being loosely intentional and more organic would be the procedure for moving forward with this. Afterwards, we talked about topics that would be addressed in our Leadership Retreat to be held toward the last part of January. Several topics were suggested and some tools to make them meaningful as well. It was asked of the group for Pastor David to secure a place and time for the retreat.


Question “What has God been saying to you lately” Changing because God wants me to change rather than changing because others expect us to do so. Advent reading on the 4th Sunday reminded me that God changed for me. During this season … am I trying to complete Christmas by accomplishing the list of things people tell us to do … or are we celebrating Christmas because it’s already completed. the Activities of this season as been different … choosing to follow my heart and do activities as my heart leads. Being focus on what God would do is hard task sometimes …. And when you have small margins, it’s even more difficult

Guest Paul Condi was with us, the team brought him up to speed of the progress since the last time he was there. The Group had a chance to share with Paul what had been discussed over the last 4-6 months also helped us celebrate and focus what lies ahead of us.

Through the course of he evening, the following comments where recorded

Community must be wider then Sunday, and keeping Sunday a desired place to be as well.

We need to ask the question … while do we come … and how can we transfer that desire to others some way somehow.

Are we speaking a message that says … community is vital or the event is vital.

As Shepards, we do have a responsibility to care for those God has entrusted us to.

How do we model caring for others so that others will be cared for and will intern care for others.

The last few moments we talked about the Leadership retreat … some outcomes that we desired to have and some subjects that would be presented.





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